Bakasana, the crane pose (arms straight), is a great posture to build core strength. In the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga, we use it as a transition, and in the intermediate series we have to hold it for 5 breaths. Before learning Bakasana, I learned its sister pose, Kakasana. It is very similar, but you keep your arms bent, and your body does not go too high. In other to learn bakasana, it helps if we learn kakasana before. Once we are solid on this asana, we can start bringing the knees near the armpits, straightening the arms, rounding the back and bringing the feet up. We are ready to fly!

Bakasana is a fundamental and great arm balance. It is not easy at all, and can take years to be performed. I am working on keeping it for 1 minute. Still not there, but having lots of fun with it. Today I was tired, lost my balance and I almost smashed my face on the floor. Great pose to build self-confidence! 🙂 😉

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