Mobility, flexibility, strength , breathing, balance and peace of mind.

A personalized yoga or movement practice

We all have a particular life story, a unique body, with its own flexibility and stiffness, tensions here and there… I have at heart to adapt the practice of Yoga to each one . The personalized practice allows you to go further by meeting your specific needs. It also allows you to quickly feel the benefits of the practice of Yoga both on the body and on the mind.

Whether you are a complete beginner in yoga or have already been practicing for several years, if you feel the need to be supported and accompanied in your practice or if you wish to integrate the tools and techniques of yoga in a more subtle and deeper way, I am here to help you, safely, with love and kindness.

How it works

  • First we will have a video call via ZOOM (about 30 minutes) to get to know each other, we we discuss your lifestyle, your goals and needs.
  • I will create a personalized and structured practice for you
  • I will send you videos and a document that allows you to do your practice at your own time and your own rhythm
  • You will send me your videos (if you wish) and questions by Whatsup, I will remain available daily to answer your questions
  • We will meet via ZOOM once a week (depending on your availability) to discuss, evaluate or practice together
  • Each week we will add new exercises and/or postures if we see the need.

Fees (1 month) : 90 €

Find serenity

Working with the postures of yoga, its philosophy, meditation, pranayamas, chants, we learn to « let go », to live fully in the present moment, to breathe well, to develop self-confidence, to manage stress, anxiety and to find serenity.


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Mobility and less pain

The better your mobility, the more it is possible to move in all directions, in amplitude and without pain. More mobility gives you more freedom of movement. Every day, and throughout your life.

Strength and balance

Strengthen your body, mind and spirit. More strength, more endurance, more energy.

If you want to learn a specific skill (inversions, handstands, splits, muscle strengthening) I am here to accompany you.

Want some help to start moving? Drop me a message, I would be happy to help you!